Made With Love | An Online Journal

I am over the moon, beside myself, falling out of my chair, giddy with joy and anticipation over here and now I finally get to tell you WHY! My talented friend Katie of Katie Jameson Photography and I have been dreaming up wonderful things the last few months together and today is the day that we get to tell you all what it is! If you have followed along with Katie at all (which you should!) you know that she has worked on a series called Made with Love for about 2 years where she photographs and features artists in their workspaces as they create. I am excited to announce that we are now joining forces and turning Made with Love into an online journal! Through our collaborative efforts we will be primarily featuring creatives in our cities, Washington, DC and Austin, Texas, but our hope is to continue to work with artists on Made with Love as we travel the U.S. 

We are launching the journal this January, but you will be able to follow along with our instagram to see exclusive photos, sneak peeks, and updates. See below for more information on our project and why we are doing this! We are very excited to start this journey together and we are so thankful for your support, excitement, and feedback! Also, if you're an artist in DC or Austin, please connect with us for a potential feature. We want to meet you and support you!

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