Tyler & Sarah | 1 Year Anniversary

Nov 1, 2014 my best friends got married. I got to stand next to them as Sarah's Matron of Honor and I also got to second shoot some of the wedding alongside of my dear friend, Lauren Smith. You can see my photos of their wedding  here and you can see the full wedding from Lauren here

Sarah and Tyler have known each other since they were kids and it has been so cool to get to be a part of their relationship from the beginning and now even though we are states away, their first year of marriage has been so fun and sweet to get to watch from afar. It worked out perfectly for me to get to take their anniversary photos while I was in Texas last week.

We wanted the photos to capture their lifestyle in their gorgeous apartment overlooking the Dallas skyline. Tyler is an architect in Dallas and has designed and built most of the awesome things you will see in this post. Their place is so Tyler and Sarah and I just couldn't stop photographing it and them in their beautiful space.

They also busted out the top of their wedding cake so we got a few shots of them sharing a few bites. What a cute tradition to get to capture in their modern kitchen! (I obviously ate a few bites too and thought maybe it wouldn't be as cute to include any photos of me stuffing my face.) I loved getting to photograph their apartment that they have made into a home.

Sarah and Tyler love being in their comfy clothes just as much as the next guy, but these two are so dang gorgeous that I thought hey, it's your anniversary, why not do it big and get dressed up too?! We walked over to the Belmont Hotel and I got some super glamorous photos that I love so much. I seriously could photograph these two all day every day and I actually just told Sarah that I will, in fact, be photographing them until their dying days. Or mine. We'll see, I guess.

Couch, Book Shelves, Hexagon Shelves, Table- All designed and built by Tyler

Photo Album + Prints- Artifact Uprising 

Rug- World Market