Oxley Family | Dallas Lifestyle Photographer

This was such a fun shoot for me because Kate Oxley has been one of my favorite people and someone I have looked up to since my freshman year in high school. She was the first (almost only) teacher to ever inspire me and help me to actually tolerate going to school. We have been friends ever since and it has been so much fun getting to see each other become moms and to even get to be pregnant at the same for her second baby and my first. 

Kate asked if I was going to be in Ft. Worth any time this fall for me to photograph her, Andrew, and the kids and immediately I put this shoot in my calendar. I love seeing the Oxleys and I especially love photographing them. You're going to love this session at the Modern Art Museum in Ft. Worth. They are such beautiful people and I can't wait for you to see these photos and just these gorgeous Oxley kiddos in general!

Rachel MaucieriComment