Our Family | Christmas 2015

Well the first week of December is almost behind us and it seems like I am already late on everything I should be doing for the holidays. Part of this is because we are moving houses this weekend, so we are waiting to get a tree or do any decorating, but the other part is because this season is such a fast-paced season.

It seems like everyone is already totally prepared and already has their houses beautifully decorated and presents wrapped. I think the instagram world can really fool us sometimes when we see a 1:1 portion of someone's kitchen table (or in my case some type of backdrop in the front doorway because #basementlife) without seeing the rest of the house or the rest of their lives. This isn't a rant about social media, but goodness knows I'm not against it. I'm just trying to remind myself and any of you who need to hear this that this season, and every other season of our lives, is not about who can make it look the prettiest or the things that we're so anxiously waiting to arrive on our doorsteps.

It's about stopping. Waiting. Anticipating. 

Remembering to slow down and listen to your kids. Meeting a friend for coffee without looking at your phone every 2 minutes. Taking photos to cherish moments, memories, and stories, not for the sole purpose of posting to instagram to outshine the other #thatsdarling posters. (Hashtags are not wrong. Obvs. Just a joke.) Bake cookies and yummy treats for your family and friends, not to make them feel like they're behind or not doing enough, but just to say I love you and was thinking about you. 

And most importantly, remind yourself and others that we're celebrating a baby boy who came into the world to save the world. God became man. He lived a life just like everyone else, but he was also the maker of the world. He loved others and found ways to serve them and it was always to point to his Father, giving him the glory he deserves. 

So let's do that this Christmas. And every day and every season. Slow down. Remember the coming of Christ, and to tell this story. Because it's the best one there is.


Here are some family photos my sweet friend Anna Meyer took of us a couple weeks ago. Thanks Anna!