Lance | Louisville Portraits

Not only is this one handsome looking dude, he is also hilarious, caring, and just so happens to be my big brother. Lance is one of my very best friends in the whole world and we always have the best time together. When we road-tripped to Kentucky (read about that laughable nightmare here), we planned it so that we would all get to be there at the same time.

Despite the many hiccups, that again, you can read about on the previously mentioned blog post, we had a blast together. My family has always been close and I’m so thankful that in our adult years we are all able to be friends and celebrate our love for one another.

While we were in Kentucky, Lance and I went to Louisville and grabbed coffee at one of my favorite places, Please and Thank You, spent way too much time in H&M, and ate some tasty dinner together. He also let me take some portraits of him, so without further ado…here they are! Isn’t he a stud?

Instagram: @suh_lancelot