Bailey + JR | DC Maternity Session

We have met some awesome people here in DC and made some really great friends, among those are the Weavers. JR and Bailey are some of our favorite people in the world and are definitely some new forever friends. We instantly clicked with these two and are so incredibly thankful for them.

We didn’t know it at the time but we have known them for the entirety of Bailey’s pregnancy and it has been so fun to get to walk through this season with her. Normally I wouldn’t work on a holiday but it is LABOR day and in all seriousness it happens to be her due date. So far this baby seems like he or she is going to stay in a little bit longer and not greet us on Labor Day, but I thought I would go ahead and blog their photos so that you can all see how gorgeous Bailey is and be praying for her and JR as they anxiously await their bundle.

We took some photos as they enjoyed one of their last mornings together, just the two of them. (Well, plus me, I guess!) Then Bailey got cozy on a beautiful, comfy pallet that we made in the baby’s room and then took a short walk down their street. Come on sweet baby Weaver…your mama and daddy are so ready for you!