Buffalo Chicken Pizza | DC Food Photographer

Surprise! I have been photographing food and didn't even give you any warning!

A few lovely and creative friends and I have teamed up together and are working on a food series. Our church, Redemption Hill, is doing some really awesome weekly devotionals throughout the season of Lent. As they are pushing out helpful, biblical counsel, we are coming alongside and sending out a fun recipe for our community groups to cook and eat together every week. 

We love what food brings to the table (haha!) in the midst of community gatherings and speaking about things concerning the church. People from all across the city come together on a weekly basis and homes are opened up and a meal is shared. For 7 weeks all of our community groups are making and eating the same meal each week as a way to unify our people on an even greater level during this season. I love thinking about all of the members of our church buying ingredients, bringing them, chopping them, roasting, baking, and eating the same food. All eating, laughing, enjoying one another, and all centered around the word of God.

So, all that to say, I'm really excited to have partnered with RHC for this series and will be sharing a few of the posts on here. You can find all of the other ones and follow along with our Lent series through the link above and you can find the full recipe for this delicious pizza HERE.





<< Flour Baby!

There you have it. My first go at food photography was super fun and a total success if I do say so myself! This is mostly thanks to the amazing stylist I worked with, Rowena Day. Go check out more of her work here!

Working with me on the project: Rowena Day, Bailey Weaver, and Jess Bender.