Worship Team Dinner | DC Gathering

At the beginning of the week we had almost 50 people gather in our front yard for a huge feast to say thank you to them. Each of them somehow serve our church through our worship & tech teams and this was Phil's way of saying thank you. 

I'm so proud of the leader Phil has been for the last year and a half here at RHC and it is the first time he has really had to put together a team of people. The people who serve alongside of Phil here have been incredible and we are extremely grateful for them. If you serve in your church and you are unsure of whether you are appreciated or not, please know that you are! 

A HUGE thank you to Bailey Weaver for making ALL of the food. It was delicious, she is amazing, and everyone was blown away that one person did all of that!


Rachele Clark for all of her decor and floral magic. And to Sweet Root Village for letting us borrow the candles and the lights!

Bailey Weaver again for being the master chef. Will never understand how you do it!

Molly McLean for literally cleaning every dish there was.

Pete Tooley for co-hosting and being the best Tech Deacon ever!

To all of you on our team and for serving in sacrificial ways. We need you and love you!

And to Phil, my dear husband, for all you do every week and every day for your church, your family, and your neighborhood.