Happy Capitol Hilloween!

I have loved Halloween for as long as I can remember. It has definitely been a favorite holiday for this theatre loving family, but we had no idea what we have been missing out on our whole lives until last night. Capitol Hill. Does. It. Big. 

Oh my goodness, we were amazed at the neighborhood and how into it every house was. We are one street over from East Capitol St. and that is the very best street for trick or treating. The houses are decorated, the people are in costumes, and the candy is abundant. Our very favorite was the Harry Potter house (or houses?) that we could walk through all the way to back of the alley. We entered into Hogwarts with a huge banquet table and live picture frames. Samuel got sorted into Hufflepuff by the sorting hat while Jude was given a big "golden snitch" popcorn ball. We winded our way through the halls of Hogwarts, through the Leaky Caldron and down to Diagon Alley ending at Ollivander's wand shop. It really was incredible. Right across the street from that house was Jurassic World with fighting dinosaurs. 

Needless to say, Capitol Hill trick or treating did not disappoint. It's so awesome to now realize that we are smack in the middle, living our little lives smack in the middle of one of the best neighborhoods in the world for Halloween. So many fun memories to be made here. I love our city and our first Halloween as a family definitely topped the charts as one of the best nights of my life!

Here are some photos of our day, ending with a few portraits of my girl, Anna Meyer, wearing some killer skeleton makeup. Anna so graciously took these photos of our family and then I took the individual ones and the portraits of her. Thanks Anna! 

How was your Halloween? What were some of the best costumes you saw?! Tell me everything!

Peter Pan, Crocodile that eats Captain Hook, Tiger Lily, and Lost Boy.